If we are not intentional in the values we instill and the purpose we pursue as a family, not much will change from previous generations. Legacymakers exists to guide families in the process of identifying and uniting around the mission that will drive the legacy only they can create in the world. It starts with one family. Yours.

“As parents, we want to be a
united family with core values
that we can pass onto our kids but with the craziness of life we never had the time or framework to write those down and figure out what our values were together. Legacymakers gave us the time, space, and structure to
set our values and mission as a family. We know that life is going to throw us curveballs but we believe we can make it through any storm with our values set and our mission in our heart. Big thanks to Legacymakers for making that happen!”

 - Sarah Kate & Charlie 
“Thank you Legacymakers for
the impact you have made in
our family through this
process. Our mission
statement is on our minds
daily. We have a greater
awareness of joy and clarity
of vision since going through
your course. Thank you

- Crystal & Michael

“Our experience with
Legacymakers was one that
strengthened our marital bond.

With each step in the process, Ben and Megan showed Lauren and I how we can piece together our goals and create a vision and mission that our family can now live out intentionally. The custom family crest that they made for us after our completion was also beautiful and symbolic of our process, and it will remain in our family for generations to come.

These days it’s easy to feel alone, but Legacymakers was with us every step of the way. Thanks Ben and Megan!”

- Lauren & Kory

Your family and our world need your legacy to be all it was meant to be.