We are a community of Legacymakers, pursuing intentionality in our families to leave a lasting, multi-generational legacy. 

Welcome to Legacymakers

We've learned through our journey as a family how easy it is to fall into survival mode or coast into what's comfortable and easy. We created a fun and engaging process to help us discover our unique purpose as a family and intentionally live out our values. Our family has been forever changed by that process and we want to share this process with you. 

We want you to experience the fullness of what your family was created for.

Legacymakers are families who have committed to demonstrate and embody intentionality in their life and in their family. They live life with the end in mind and allow that vision to direct and influence every decision they make in order to leave a positive, multi-generational legacy. 

What We Do

We guide families in the process of identifying and uniting around their unique family mission that will drive the legacy only they can create in the world.

We do this by working with local institutions such as churches, schools, and financial to cultivate the hope and potential for families by being intentional in our everyday lives.

We share and provide helpful and valuable resources and long-term coaching and accountability through our membership platform and monthly direct-mailed Family Field Guides.

And we work directly, one-on-one, with each family in our unique Legacy Mapping Process that sets families up for the legacy they want to instill and pass on.

Ben Glassman

 Executive Director

Megan Glassman

Creative Director

Ben Applebee

Local Church Strategist & Liaison

Charlie Hirst

Chief Financial Officer

Alisa Strock

Executive Secretary

Raffy Garcia

Business & Marketing Strategist

The Dream

Our vision is to see a movement of unity and purpose coming to life in families across the nation that will; enable the next generation to live in the positive light of their parent’s legacy, prevent or overcome previous    and ancestral family breakdowns, and seek to build a better, healthier, thriving society everywhere.

Experience greater depths of connection and purpose within your family. Strengthen your marriage and family as you learn more about stepping in to intentionality together through: 

Discover the unique legacy only you and your family can leave in the world. Grow in unity and vision for your family through: 

Grow through continual encouragement and accountability. As a member, receive monthly resources for your family and relationship rich development through:


We can't do this alone and would love to partner with someone like you! Would you consider a tax-deductible financial partnership to help accomplish our mission and vision?


 Get started right or finish well with our unique Legacy Mapping Process.  We will walk you through everything you need. It's time to build the legacy your family was created for.