We train families to live on purpose.

that there is an intention to family. Family is embedded into our very being. From birth we are dependent, relying on others to nurture us, protect us, guide us. Within all of us is an innate yearning to belong, to be known, and fully accepted. Family wasn't made by us; we were made for family. 

The family is meant to be THE place to learn and experience life the way it was intended.

Family is meant to be a place of safety; where we band together and protect each other, where we comfort and soothe our aches and pains. 

​Family is meant to be a greenhouse; the perfect environment for growing and thriving, the place we are fed and nourished, the starting ground where we are strengthened before being sent out into the world. 


"Until you stop long enough to decide ahead of time where you want to go, you will live your life unaware of the sacrifices necessary to get there."  

                                                                                                                                   - Andy Stanley


Fatherlessness, divorce, greed, selfishness, and laziness resulting from a lack of clear direction and vision that inevitably leads to drift  has caused a generation that suffers with substance abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, porn addiction, homelessness, and suicide.

Unfortunately today, the family unit is too often pushed aside and has become the very opposite of what it was intended for. Our families are often the place we feel the most hurt, where bitterness and anger are more predominate than forgiveness and peace. Often our families are the place we were never really accepted, we always had to do or be more. All of this leads to the problems we see in our world.

Technology is taking the place of deep interpersonal conversation. Negative outside influences are teaching our children what to think and do and have taken authority away from parents.  Too many things are constantly pulling us away from what matters most. 

Ultimately, the life we experienced will inevitably and inherently transfer to the generation that follows us unless something is done to stop and change it.


        "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."

Mother Teresa        

Family as it was intended.

At Legacymakers, we train families how to create a lasting legacy and then coach them until their mission is achieved. 

Families with a clear mission and a system of core values that work together to demonstrate what they believe in, experience greater unity and deeper connection. 

Unified and connected families leave lasting Family Legacies - the way it was intended. Legacymakers exists to stem the societal issues by targeting the root of it all. Family. 


Foundational Strategies:

Intentionality is the key to leaving a legacy you are proud to pass on. We help families discover their unique Family Mission, Values, and ideas to live that out through our unique process.

Without support and accountability we all struggle to maintain a life of intentionality. We meet with every family quarterly on what is going well and what needs to change. 

Vision leaks without continual reminders and encouragement. Through our family field guides, we provide inspiration to a thriving family legacy for all Legacymakers.

Relationships are central to everything we do. We engage families in our community through events and activities that build memories and inspire families to live intentionally. 

Churches, schools, and businesses are all made better when families are strong. We partner with local organizations to create a collective, unified effort in discipling families. 

Learning is a non-stop, continual process. We put on educational events to help families continually develop into more of who they were made to be as a person, parent, and spouse. 

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Legacymakers is a Registered 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.