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Unity - by Ian Stevenson

Unity is one of those words that sounds nice, like something we would all like to see. However, in this day and age, our country, culture, communities, and families all seem to clearly struggle with how to realize it. In this article I would like to invite you to consider making it something you fight for – especially in your family! It is worth it, unfortunately we just don&rsqu...

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The Building Blocks of a Family Legacy

Our Story reminds us of our PAST, our Values determine what we do in the PRESENT, and our Mission leads us into the FUTURE. 

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The Story We ALL Tell

You only get one shot to tell a story worth being told. 

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Year End Video: Create Generational Change

Watch our Year End Video to see what all we've been up to and hear from other Legacymakers.

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In this season what's most important?

With uncertainty and confusion at an all time high, the election and aftermath looming near, it is time to prioritize what is most important.

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#IntentionInEverything - Live Podcast Event Recording

This is the recording of the Live Podcast Event we held. Make sure to check it out! There is so many good tips from our guests Ian and Terrilee Stevenson and Ben and Rylee Applebee.

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Ben Glassman Shares the Story of Legacymakers

Give it a listen on 1.25-1.5x speed! Let us know what you think and share it too.

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3 Ways to prepare your family for one of the most pivotal seasons in our country’s history.

When we live in this mindset it allows us to remain at peace and still be able to make well-educated and level-headed decisions. 

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"The Modern Family Man"

Once we realize all of this, I beckon us to unite and charge forward towards things that go against the grain of this world but with the grain of who we were meant to be. 

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Why Good Leadership in your Family is a Must and 5 ways to Instill Intentionality

Leading my family in a way that inspires and offers growth, authenticity, unity, and intentionality has been a journey, but one of the biggest blessings one could ask for!

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