Do you know the level of access your kids have with technology? Are you prepared to discuss this issue with your kids? Can you prevent porn from entering your home?

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As parents it is our responsibility to be the guardians and gatekeepers of our home and to block the things that seek to destroy our kids' lives. Come enjoy a meal and learn about how to safeguard your home and kids from porn and the turmoil it causes.

Registration and attendance is for adults only.

If you attended our last class with Greta, she began the discussion around building a healthy sexual culture in our homes and how to have great conversations around the topic of sex and sexuality with our kids. Now, we go deeper and seek to dissolve any possibility for porn to access our home and our kids' brains. Join us in this crucial conversation and don't miss a chance to protect your kids from one of the greatest dangers facing our society. 

Who is Greta Eskridge?

Hi there!

I’m Greta, and I’m on a mission to protect kids from the dangerous, and devastating effects of pornography.

This wasn’t a mission I ever expected to have. It certainly wasn’t one I asked for. But God has a way of calling us to step up and do things we never imagined we could, just to show us that with Him, ALL things are possible.

So here I am, growing more passionate about this by the minute. At first it was so scary, embarrassing, awkward, and difficult to talk about this. But all of that is slipping away the more I learn. Because the truth about pornography is horrifying. And I can’t worry about being awkward when there are so many lives at stake.

Honestly, the most difficult part now is how emotionally draining this all is. I’m often sad and angry by the things I research, the messages I get, and the ugly truths I’m learning. However, God, in His divine goodness, provides comic relief in this process. First, I’m laughing because I’m the most unlikely candidate for the job . I don’t know a sexual innuendo if it bites me on the booty. Therefore I often say the wrong thing and we all laugh. (See my stories) Comic relief is sure needed and appreciated with this heavy topic.  Second, there’s you guys. Who so awkwardly come up to me and say, “uhh, hi Greta. I just, umm, wanted to say, umm, that I love, ummm, the stuff you’re doing with porn.” And your faces are red and you’re so awkward and I’m just dying with laugher cause I get it! But also because I never imagined anyone would EVER say that to me!  So I laugh every time and it puts us at ease. Which is good. Because pornography is painful and difficult and tears often follow up the laughter as you share your stories.

I guess what I want you to know is that “Greta, the girl who is fighting porn” is here to stay. With all the awkwardness and missteps I’ll make along the way, I’m going to keep talking. And I appreciate you listening. The very first step you can take in this fight against pornography is to in join the conversation.




We are so honored to have Greta in house for this class with Legacymakers! Make sure to signup as soon as you can because space is limited! 




September 23, 2022 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)



The Crossing Church

2115 Newport Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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