Family life is beautiful, comforting, fun, but also challenging, frustrating, and hard. We could all use the insights, encouragement, and ideas of other families to foster growth in our own. Family Field Guides showcase the talents and wisdom of each other, creating a space of inspiration instead of comparison, hope instead of defeat. 

Every quarter you will receive a mailed printed copy to your door as well as access to each new Family Field Guide, here online. Simply download whatever you want to archive and create your own library of relevant family tools. 

May you be inspired by the recipes, activities, and stories of others from the community and grow in your mindfulness of family intentionality.  


What's Inside


Every Family Field Guide has 4 main elements, described below, with additional stories, articles, and resources that go along with that quarter's theme. The contents inside will infuse your home with intentionality and inspiration.

No one likes to feel overwhelmed by too many things to do, so we purposefully keep the guides short and concise in order to encourage families to actually put into action the ideas provided. 

You will be able to download whatever you want to archive and create your own library of relevant family tools. 

The family table is a sacred place, a place of gathering, eating, sharing, and serving. Included in every Family Field Guide is a recipe to be enjoyed as well as a  Table Topic, something to discuss, questions to ask, or an activity. Our hope is to enrich your time together with quality food and rich conversations. May your family table be a place where all who come are fully satisfied.

Values drive the choices we make, where we put our focus. If you've been through a Legacy Mapping Session you have your core Family Values. Still there are virtues we hope to become or wish to grow in; virtues some families demonstrate more naturally than others. We hope to spark ideas for growth and encouragement through the stories and examples of others.

Fun is an essential element to a strong family culture. Fun bonds us together, provides moments of lighthearted connection, and lowers walls, creating room for depth and growth. Each month, we hope to spark ideas for fun in your family through activities, games, crafts, and more. 


Creating traditions, both for holidays and for every day moments, leaves memories that stick with our kids far beyond us. We share different family's traditions to inspire new traditions in your home, driven by your own family culture.

Enjoy additional articles, insights, and resources from the Legacymakers community curated to bring specific encouragement and guidance in the area of that month's theme