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Welcome men! We start Tuesday September 1st, 7-8:30pm. Let's do this!

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Hi men - please bring $22 cash or check to the group on Tuesday. This is to pay for the books we will be working from.

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Ryan Murray
Absolutely. I look forward to meeting everyone on the 1st!

See you all tonight. Bring a journal/notepad.

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Great first night men - what a good conversation. Thank you all for sharing your hearts and being open. I think God is going to great work in and on us. Let us continue to give up our own lives and desires to Him so that He can mold us into the Men we were created to be!

One more action item for the week:

Is there anyone in your life that needs a group like this???

Think about it today - then make the invite to attend next week!

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See you all tonight men!! Bring $22 cash or check to get the book and workbook!

If there’s someone you need to invite - make sure you do so. 💪🏼💪🏼

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Hey Gents - see you all tonight! 7pm sharp lets go. Got some work to do

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Ben Glassman
What am I substituting for the real thing? How can I be and/or speak the truth?

See you all tonight!!

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Hey LEGACY men! tonight we will be having burgers and taking a different spin on the conversation. See you at 7!

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Alonzo Charles
Do we need to bring anything ??
Ben Glassman
If you guys wanna bring any side or beverage that’s totally fine!!

See you all tonight!!!

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Hey guys - if you have time check out this online men’s conference! It is super good!


Just for YOU, it's FREE because we love you! So, come and go - join for one or all sessions - go back to watch anything you missed.
You'll join on four separate web pages. All times are written in CENTRAL time zone USA. Please adust the time to where you are.

Thursday 1-9:00 pm https://cmnsummit.com/live/thursday/

Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm https://cmnsummit.com/live/fridayam/

Friday 7:00 pm-9:00 pm https://cmnsummit.com/live/fridaypm/

Saturday 8:30-10:00 am https://cmnsummit.com/live/saturday/


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Remember guys! Book 2, Power of Potential chapter 1 and lesson 1 is due tomorrow at Legacy Men! See you at Robert’s at 7pm

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Hey guys, it was a great kickoff last night for the new book, "Power of Potential".

Here's the takeaways:
What is your why?(behind your dream/hope)
What happens when your dream get's shattered? What is left?

Identify clearly, your WHY.
What is your new/continued 6-month commitment
Read and do Chapter 2/lesson 2

See you next Tuesday 7-8:30

p.s. i have a gift for everyone who has been committed for the last 6 months and is committed for both another 6months AND leading an offshoot group in April with 4-5 new guys.

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Ryan Murray
Missed you dudes last light. I was lighting pilots, hooking up water lines...you know, man stuff 🤙🏼 I’m pumped for the new season!

See you all tonight! I apologize for the late reminder info about tonight, we just got back from visiting my family in Kansas last night.

Make sure to:
Read and do chapter 2 / lesson 2

Come prepared to share what your 'WHY' is.

Come prepared to share what your new/renewed 6mth commitment is.

See you at 7pm at Robert's.


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Legacy Men's Retreat

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Men, a third group is starting on Friday May 28th, 7-8:30am. Please keep in mind someone you know who needs to join and plug them in!

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Group Overview

Whether you are in a relationship, newly married, or have kids - Legacy Men is about becoming the man we were created to be and establishing the multi-generation legacy we are called to leave. If you ...



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