3 Ways to prepare your family for one of the most pivotal seasons in our country’s history.

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As we are nearing the election, the end of the year, the holidays, and having gone through an incredibly trivial time during the pandemic, and now may even have a little hazy 2020 tunnel vision - i thought it would be timely to share how we will be keeping our family engaged and unified to finish the year strong together. 

Maybe it will give you some inspiration to do the same. 

First off I think it is important to take a moment to acknowledge and accept the season of life that we are in - as in, humanity. The cumulative time as a civilization and all that is going on in the world. 

We've gotta realize that it is still just current events, issues, and the time/place our world is in. BUT - We are outside and above all of that as individuals, not in it. It doesn’t define us, it doesn’t make us. We are above it. We are who we are in the midst. 

When we live in this mindset it allows us to remain at peace and still be able to make well-educated and level-headed decisions. 

We have a foundational motto in our family and that is "Live to the fullest" which is really an abbreviation of what the Apostle Paul said in his letter to the Ephesians in Chapter 5:16. But it ties in to everything we strive for and believe in as a family. 

That said, here's three things we're making a point to practice in our family this upcoming season: 

  1. Seek Christ and strive to obey Him by loving everyone

  2. Educate ourselves and share truth

  3. Live our lives


Seek Christ and strive to obey Him by loving everyone

This is something that dives deep into the core of our family values and mission. Something that became clear to us after going through our Legacy Mapping Process - staying closely tied to our relationship and intimacy with Christ. Now that our kids are getting older we are implementing having monthly teaching nights where we share and discuss critical messages in the Bible and how we can implement them in our lives. My wife and I pray together regularly after the kids go to bed and before we relax or get some work done. We actively look for ways to positively affirm people for who they are.

Educate ourselves and share truth

We do this by taking a well-rounded approach to learning about what is going on in our country. Yes. But also by being extra intentional about learning in general. Reading good books. Choosing to NOT leverage TV or screens to teach our kids(or quiet them). We are being mindful about learning things in nature and sharing our learnings. If we believe and resonate strongly in what we learn then we make make it a point to share it with others and promote healthy dialogue. 

Live our lives

This is about staying present to what's right in front of us. Our Family. Cherishing and trying to engage fully in each moment with each other as a married couple and our kids. We know that time and life is a finite resource and now even more than ever we have to take every action to resist the pull of the world and technology and focus on what matters most. Plan activities, get together with others, read together, go on adventures. Bond and grow together towards your family mission. 

"Live to the fullest"

There’s no time other than RIGHT NOW. 


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Web. 16 Feb. 2017. <https://www.mckinleyirvin.com/Family-Law-Blog/2012/October/32-Shocking-Divorce- Statistics.aspx>.